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i work in a portion of the auto sales industry and saw this 2016 Hyundai Tucson come across my radar about 30 days back when it ended up at a CarSense

blue is my favorite color my whole life so naturally seeing this amazing shade of blue i was immediately drawn to it

i had been in the market for a new vehicle lately and knew my base criteria was something 2016 or newer with 40k or less mileage and under 30k price tag......i was currently in a 2005 Mountaineer Premier AWD (loved that goddamn V8 but 12mpg was brutal) and it started encountering electrical problems with the windows so i knew it was about that time. also needed all 4 brakes and 4 tires within the next 3-6 months and who knows what some of the recent potholes did to the suspension so.....i was much more interested in just putting that towards a down payment instead.......

there was a few trucks / cars i was watching and they would be sold within a few days of me noticing them and taking i had started to get annoyed and angry with myself saying i need to stop hesitating before i get into some trouble with my current truck.....then this beauty popped up listed at $24999 (MSRP said it was around 34k i believe)......

not only was it my favorite color, it also happens to be one of the better looking trucks / crossovers in recent years on the entire market (ESPECIALLY at the price point)......then when you add in the fact it had 21k miles, ultimate package fully loaded with every feature including panoramic roof, ventilated and heated seats (disappointed no heating steering wheel but not mad at the price point), plus all the additional technology it was starting to become the perfect fit........

i watched it sit there for a couple of days and then started feeling really weird like i might wake up one morning and it might be sold and i'd hate with memorial day weekend coming up i feared it wouldnt make it through another weekend with the rate the cars had been selling that i was interested in, i said **** this, made the call to carsense to set up the test drive saturday morning, started the financing paperwork approval prelim stuff etc

once i got there and saw it in person i loved it, then i took it for the test drive and was impressed at how spacious inside it was and how well it drove and knew i was taking that home with me that same day.....the other salesman that were trying to sell vehicles to other customers came up to me a few moments before i was leaving and said that when they had pulled my car up several of them were staring at it asking what kind of car it was and really impressed with it

the whole glass roof is wonderful and the whole vehicle has been wonderful so far, also working with CarSense made me even more interested in this vehicle because if there are any transmission issues or anything like that they offer a 6 month warranty that covers literally anything defective down to the wiper blades.....then beyond that also have up to 50k on the factory warranty and also have additional coverages with Allstate to cover systems up to 100k so i am very pleased and hopeful that i wont encounter many issues and if i do I wont have to be too bothered with the process of getting them resolved

only issue is that the previous owner registered the VIN on Myhyundai and never used the software updates to put Android Auto in the system so i am working on that part now but once that feature works I will be in Tucson heaven

very happy to be part of the family folks wish i could post links of pictures right now but just signed up

feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular i should be aware about. thank you.
Very nice post. I was not in your situation however with a divorce I either had to refinance my 2010 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer or get into something else.

At the time my fiance was purchasing a vehicle and I decided to do a little chatting. And a Salesman happened to be driving which was a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited.

Less than 4000 miles fully loaded Coliseum Grey.
And with my credit which wasn't that great to begin with and my current vehicle that I had at the time I was able to get into the Tucson.

I also had to work with the dealer to get my VIN so that I could register it on my Hyundai.

So at this current point in time I have approximately 55000 Mi I did have to put some new tires on it a few months ago and I know I'm going to need a brake job soon other than that thoroughly impressed.

The picture you see is when I bought it.

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