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Alright so I installed my HID kit this afternoon. Was kind of a pain to install the left side because it was a small area to work with. I got DDM 55w 6000k HID kit.

So I turn on the HIDs today and WOW what a mess, it's aimed horribly and the left side is aimed DOWN and to the left and the right side is aimed ok .. But def. not aimed towards the road, i honestly got 3 feet of light. complete mess lol

but question is I seen the area where you adjust the headlights are, but did you guys have to adjust your headlights to?

And any tips to make it look absolutely even from that cut off? Wish I took a pic but eh, wanted quick answers.

I got similar results before I realized I had installed the bulbs upside down. The flat side with the tab on the base faces down when you insert the bulb in the socket. This is evidently opposite of most cars. HUGE difference when installed properly!

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