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Just Got My 2011 Sonata Se

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hey guys/girls.... On Saturday I became the owner of a new 2011 Hyundai Sonata SE in Venetian Red loaded up with the navigation, paddle shifters, 18" wheels, sunroof, (basically all the goodies an SE can have)

I am not new to Hyundai as I owned a 2000 Sonata GLS V6 back in 2000/2001 (before she got carjacked from me) but abandoned the vehicle line for some time because they never felt like close to honda/nissan quality. The 2011 on the other hand DOES feel like honda quality and then some.

I am very excited to be able to drive this car. pix to follow in a couple days...I am no stranger to forums and I currently have in my stable two mint 95 Acura Legends (a sedan and a coupe), a 2001 Toyota 4Runner SR5 and a 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Supercharged Tony Stewart Edition
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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