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New 2011 Sonata owner here! GLS package, with 17" rims and a few other little goodies. LOVING the car so far, and have stumbled upon your site while looking to see if my iPhone will work with the USB port...cuz I can't get it to work! Yes, I know RTFM. :)

anywho, i'm from RI and this is my first Hyundai. Coming from a Mazda Protoge 5 that was 7 years old, 160K was time. Looked at Kia (forte), Ford (focus, fusion), Subaru (Legacy), Mazda 3, and the Honda Accord...and chose the sonata. It's awesome and i'm excited to be driving it.

looking forward to seeing what kinda mileage I can squeeze out of her on the highway. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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