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Been lurking on the forum for a bit while i made the decision.

Finally pulled the trigger on a White/Charcoal gray interior Accent a coupla weeks ago. :grin:

Was in the market for bare-bones transportation to get back and forth to work in and Hyundai offered the most vehicle for the best price. Had initially decided on getting a 'Blue' Accent, but ended up getting a stripped down GS 4-speed Automatic. While not as 'fun' i'm very grumpy and/or still asleep @ 6am when i leave for work and pretty much just wanna sip my caffeinated beverage and listen to the Stern Show (also why i don't ride my motorcycle to work).

With the money i save driving my Accent instead of my truck the 100mile round trip to work i can make the payment on my new car with the money i save in fuel alone... :grin: $300/month @ 16mpg VS <$150/month @ +30mpg... plus i won't be putting a lot more miles on my truck which is finally nearing the dreaded 100,000mile mark... still pretty 'low mileage' for a 2002.
Win/Win :trophy:

No radio... exactly as i wanted it.
Would rather use that money towards putting in a custom system. :thumbsup:
Will mostly likely start with a Pioneer AVH-P3200BT, Memphis speakers, amp, and sub(s).
Still debating on a single 8" sub in a ported box or dual 8's in downfire boxes in the floorboard.
(either way they'll be in the rear floorboard and not in the hatch... cuz that stay down for the dog/groceries/tools/ect...)

Air Conditioning was the only option i added, a crucial one down here on the Texas coast where i live.
I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a rear wiper, nice to have on early morning drives to knock off the dew/dust.

All for now... might upload a few pics later this afternoon of my newest ride and some of my other vehicles.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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