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Hi all.
I have a Hyundai IX35 premium. I have an original GPS head unit. Unfortunately, it got damaged when one of my kids forced a CD into the player when there was already in there a damaged the mechanism. I have tried to fix it by removing the unit, manually removing the discs, and manually moving the mechanism by applying power directly to the eject mechanism.
when the cars is unlocked, the unit tries to eject repeatedly and finally reports a mechanism error on the screen and turns the radio on, regardless if the car has started or not. It did this before I took the head unit out too.
I have found a replacement unit from the same year and model vehicle but both me and the seller are unsure if the head unit needs pairing to the vehicle.
I don’t want to go after market, as we might be selling soon and would like to keep it original.
Can anyone tell me if it’s a straight replacement, or would I need to pair the head unit to my vehicle and how would I go about doing that?
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