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Just changed the fuel filter on my IX35 2.0 diesel.
I followed the Russian you tube video. It was straight forward and easy.

Remove battery 1st.

Then remove computer to access the filter assembly.

I was concerned that diesel might spray everywhere when taking off the hoses. I left the car sit over night and released the hoses and there was only a couple of drops.
I tied the hoses up just in case they leaked, placed rags under the work area and placed 3/8" rubber stoppers over the pipes to stop the diesel leaking out while removing the unit from the car.

There are 3 sets of wires to unplug, 2 press down before removing and 1 is a water proof plug that you have to lift up the catch from underneath the plug.

I bought a special fuel coupler remover pliers but did not need them as you just press in both sides and pull the hoses off the unit. I emptied the old filter of diesel ( about 500ml ), unscrewed the water sensor and then easily unscrewed the old filter off the assembly. I was going to fill the new filter with diesel but in the end decided it would be too messy.

No need to jumper the fuel pump relay, all I did was try to start the car about 4 times and then it started on the 5th try.
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