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Hi folks, I'm new to the forum. I have a new IX35 MY11 Highlander. I ordered it on the 24th of September and took delivery on the 8th of October so I guess I'm very lucky when I read some of the other posts. In fact delivery could have been earlier but I waited until my day off.

In my searching for a car all over Qld I found a few vehicles in stock. As far as the MY 11 goes, here is a link to a new story that details the new model.

So far I'm very happy. This is my first diesel and what a joy it is to drive, ooooodles of TORQUE !

Thanks so much for that link.

We also ordered our Highlander in early July and are still waiting. Our latest date is end of October, but from what people are saying it sounds as if it will be more like mid or late November.

The dealer told us that the cars that arrived at the end of September were in fact MY10 models. I've been trying to identify exactly what had changed in the MY11 model. The dealer has been absolutely useless, but that link is brilliant. The other half has been so cross at the delay that he's threatening to cancel the order and go buy a Tiguan. That link has allowed me to soothe his rage, as the changes are well worth the wait.

Roll on the end of the month (or however long it takes)
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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