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Hi All !
I am looking for a family SUV and recently stumble across the idea to get ix35.
After doing some research Ive decided that I would like to get my hands on 2.0 crdi 136 manual 4x4 2010-2012
I am trying to get more information on the common/ known issues and problems with this car ,engine and gearbox before I take the final decision to buy one.
I was not able to find much but Ive stumble across a topic from 2015 where 4-5 ppl were reporting that there was an issue with this engine and gearbox and the manual gearbox on the ix35 has been known to jump out of gear when driving ( 4 and 6 th gear ) and also some clutch issues related with this too.
This sounds like a serious problem and I was wondering if those issues were sorted out back in the day under warranty as those reports were for cars at around 20-50k miles, or should I worry that this may happen with a second hand car on 80-100 k or more miles.
I would appreciate any information on this and other common issues if there are some.
Thank you all in advance !
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