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...thought it was high time I actually join it.

I'm going to tell a story.

I purchased my Accent L in 2009, off of an older lady that babied it from the day she bought it new. Always maintained on-time, heck, the dealership knew her by name when I went there to ask questions, "oh you bought Lisa's Accent?"

Anyway, it has been an awesome car, 100% totally exceeded my expectations in every way. Drove it on numerous road trips. Every day to work, and if you lived in Spokane, and knew how this town keeps its roads, you'd understand it's no picnic. I've driven it on trails, through snow, at 90 mph on cloverleaf on-ramps. Good ole state-route 2 laners (rally style). I even pursued a drunk driver once. I drove the wheels off of it, I really did, and I only had to change my brakes, a tie-rod, and an EVAP purge sensor (not even my tires, they're still good).

Then one day, in April 2012, my wife was driving it to a friend's house and when she made the left turn, didn't realize the oncoming car was doing 50 or 60 in a 25. He got about 10 or 15 feet of brake lockup before piling into the side of my Accent, rolling it up on to the driver's side door, and deploying the airbags. MY wife was badly bruised, but surprisingly suffered not a single broken bone. THE CAR, however, is toast. Significant damage to side, a busted tie-rod (which I fixed so I could roll it around the yard), and only 2 good windows left. The airbags are blown too effectively totaling the vehicle.

The car, while I never would have previously expected it to protect anybody in a crash like that, did not break apart, did not buckle on any of the roof pillars, there was no passenger compartment intrusion, and not even did the firewall split. I am so amazed and so proud of that. I used to think it was just a tin can deathtrap, but it proved me wrong and I am so thankful. I will be seriously considering Hyundais from this point forward.

Anyway, I have been looking for a good transplant recipient for my engine and transmission. I hope to give my beloved Accent life through another set of wheels somehow.

Oh yeah, did I mention, after hooking the tierod back up, and eyeballing the alignment, IT DROVE IN A STRAIGHT LINE still?

I am a believer. Thank you for reading.

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