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Well, I finally got up the nerve to tackle changing out my factory "beep beep" horn to a set of 500&600 PIAA Sport horns. I am not real handy in the mechanical persuasion- I was a flyer, not a fixer. Fixers are some of my favorite people and I have a deep respect for their dedication and abilities. I'm also not real fond of taking the front off of a brand new car, but thanks to the photos and tips available courtesy of other forum members, I was able to get the job done without damaging my wife's Sonata Limited. I kept it simple by using the existing wiring and plug utilizing male connectors cut in half to connect to the factory horn plug. It worked great. I mounted the horns on the stud the factory horn was monuted on. I peeled off the flashy metallic racing checkers with the PIAA logo so the horns wouldn't show through the grill. A pretty painless process with the exception of a few scrapes on the hands from the tight quarters while removing the screws from the grill.

Great Job!

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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