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Hi everyone, just joined up and hoping that someone here can help me with a small problem I have...

I own the Hyundai Lantra Estate and I need a new drivers side (LH) as I live in Spain which has the part number 93570-29050

However Im finding it very difficuilt to get this part, I dont mind second hand but because the car is so rare in Tenerife Im struggling, so I have been looking on (us) It appears that the same vcehicle in the states is the Elantra where as mine is Lantra, (very confusing!) Anyway Im also struggling to get one from there too, but I have noticed that the standard Elantra window switch looks exactly the same as mine but it has a different model number 090590-367742.

Does anyone here know wether that part will fit in my car or not, or maybe someone may be able to advise where I could get the part from, I can get it from Hyundai but its 209 euros, really dont want to pay that much unless I have to.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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