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Hello everyone,

I started having problems with the A/C on my 2003 GT v6 a few months ago. It was putting out warm air but no cold air. I bought a freon refill kit and tried refilling but after a few hours of working normally the a/c started only blowing warm air. I checked around the compressor and found a few leaks using the black light that came with the kit. After that I took it to a local shop and I was told that a new compressor needs to be installed, costing in the range of $1000. I am trying to figure out if I should go with a used compressor on ebay and have them install it. So here are my questions:

1) I found there are different compressors for the 2.0L model and the 2.7L model, are these the same?

2) I currently have about 70k miles and the compressor went bad, is this around the range of miles that compressor usually go bad and if so when looking for used compressor what is an acceptable range of mileage on the car it was pulled from?

3) What is a ball park figure on a used compressor? On labor for installing a compressor?

Thanks in advance to everyone taking to the time to read and answer my questions, your time is much appreciated.
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