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Unfortunately the car I loved which I just purchased last summer got into an accident a couple of a weeks ago.

Some guy ran a red light going pretty fast off of a feeder road and I literally had to chance to stop. I didn't see him until he was right in front of me. I t-boned him basically and he just missed a car stopped at the red light going the opposite direction.

He tried to leave the scene in his vehicle but it was he ran off on foot.

All in all, no one was injured, but my car is totalled and I feel like the police aren't really doing anything about the case. I called a few times for an update but no leads. They have the info of the owner of the vehicle and found some type of name inside the car itself (which they ran), but according to their reports, it didn't fit the description of the driver I described.

I have full coverage with my insurance and they finally called me back to say that the vehicle is irreparable and that they will call me back with a value assessment. Which I assume is either give me a check for what they deem the value of the car would be....or give me a check of what the repairs would have cost and I get to keep the car? I am asking because I have never been in this situation so I am not sure. I assume the only thing that will happen now is that they give me some sort of check and they'll auction the car.

Real reason why I am posting here is to get some advice or info on what I should be expecting now. I have a feeling they will give me a lot less than what the price of the vehicle would be if I were to look for some that are close in year / mileage / and condition.

I actually still get notifications on cargurus for Gen sedans and bottom line is that I will need around 10k if I want to purchase another vehicle like this. For some reason I am thinking the insurance company will give me way less than this. I guess my question is; what do they base the word "value" on? If I do searches online for a vehicle to purchase, I have a number that keeps coming up. BUt that would be retail though....dealers and private parties selling vehicles. I am hoping value won't mean what would be the trade in value. Once I do receive that number back from them, is that it? Or is there room for negotiation if I find the numbers are just way off?

I loved this car. Really bummed out about it, but my victory is that I walked away without a scratch and unharmed by a, clearly, troubled person.

Car did everything it was supposed to do in a crash; air bags deployed, the front end crumpled and absorbed the impact. I love my 06 Sonata but something tells me, I was very fortunate to be in this car rather than the NF.

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