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Ipod Nano 5th Generation Doesn't Connect

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Just got a new Sonata GLS. Trying IPod Nano 5th gen with Hyundai cable. No joy! Won't connect. Tried my daughter's older Nano and it works just fine. Can I try the Apple type connecting cables without damaging anything? Help!
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I too have a Gen5 Nano 16Gb. Despite the owners manual saying not to use the USB cable that comes with the iPod, it works where the Hyundai cable doesn't. Yeah my car was delivered with that cable. Checking the owner's manual (page 4-121) it points out that the factory cable is only compatible with Gen 1-4. I haven't had any negative effects from using the Apple USB only connector.....yet.
I have the 5th generation iPod Nano as well. Plugging it into my Hyunda GLS, it doesn't recognize it as MP3 player, it states USB connected but then there is no control on what song you want to play. It just sees the file names that are totally meaningless and when you have the iPod plugged in, you cannot use it to control what song you want to play. I use hte iPod cable that came with the iPod but I want to try the dealer iPod cable that I saw in this video:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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