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Introduction And 02 Sensor

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New to this forum. I have 2009 azera limited. this is my 2nd Hyundai the first was a XG-350L nice car I think it was better than the azera. Does any one know the size of the 02 sensor? and what size wrench is needed to remove it?
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Hi and :00000732: to the forums.

I'm moving this into the Azera forum where you should get more responses to you query :thumbsup:
And why are we wanting to remove an Ox sensor on a car that has warranty ??

Snap On tools sells the socket you'll need to get at the sensors, especially the B1S1... they is fun when the customer shows up with hot car and wants to wait on the repair... You not going to do them with a wrench.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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