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So I have a 2004 Getz (auto) and only had it a few months now. It was ok when I got it but after a few weeks it started to idle rough and then cut out at low idle. Generally it would cut out when the car was warm (at a set of lights or turning).

So I solved the rough idle after replacing the idle control valve and had the throttle body cleaned. Hoping that would resolve the cutting out issue.
It didnt, it came up with running rich bank 1 code and o2 sensor fault.

So the o2 sensor and cat were replaced, it went great for about 45 mins then cut out 3 times in 10 mins. It came up with running rich bank 1 again. I then replaced the plugs and leads, still cut out even after clearing the fault code. Have just replaced the coil pack. Went for a drive and it felt like it wanted to cut out at the first corner I took (I stopped and then took off).

I have a new crank angle sensor that I have to put on but I am wondering if anyone has had this issue before? I'm thinking that the injectors or an injector maybe the culprit, maybe fuel filter?
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