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Hello folks, I have 2018 Santa Fe XL Ultimate.

I am not sure if this is a common issue or if anyone else has it, but I have really really slow USB loading speed of the music files, sometimes it just blocks the whole infotainment system. I am using the same 64GB USB from my old 2015 Santa Fe XL Limited and there is a huge difference in the loading times between these vehicles.

Sometime it will load fast, some time takes a couple of minutes.

If I had been in USB music mode on my last engine shutdown, when I turn the car it will even blackout the reverse cam and will make it to not appear for a couple of seconds while I am in reverse mode.

What can cause this, can I do a factory reset of the whole system and reload the SD card? It does not seem that the USB is faulty?!

Hope someone has some input?

Thanks, folks!
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