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People, just wanted to share something good about a car dealer.

I bought my 2005 (55 plate) 2.0 CDRX in February 2009... when I got it the clutch seemed to bite high and the salesman said "no worries if it goes soon - then we will do it for free". Well it so happens that I put it in for it's 40k service a couple of months later and they said - "Your clutch is a bit worn".... so I challanged the dealer and they said....

No worries, warranty sir. Er... the radio keeps losing it's pre-sets.... no worries warranty sir.

All good, it went in for it's 50k service in December (lots of money) but they lent me an i30 for the day....

I noticed that it did not like to start in the January/Feburary cold weather, and was laying a blue smoke screen on start up BUT not whilst it was running....

Leaky valves....

I spoke to the dealership and they said - not valves sir (how polite) it's probably a sticky injector. So it went in for a a couple of days (it only happens in the morning or when sitting for 10 hours or so) and they lent me an auto i10 pocket rocket. I had a blast with that.... They confirmed it needed a new injector etc... so I gulped and said when and how much? When you like and it's under warranty - gotta love this 5 year warranty.

So they lent me another i10 - must have been a 1.1 as it need to be rowed along with the gear stick! Got my Santa Fe back, washed, and good to go. I will find out tomorrow if they have replaced the no 3. injector.

So it's thumbs up for them - good service, the boss is looking at an i20 to replace her Swift as a driving school car and in a few years time when the Santa Fe closes on 80k or so I know where I will be getting it's replacement from - or maybe I wil just keep it seeing as I've (they've) replaced some expensive bits on her.

That is all.
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