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Hi, I have a Hyundai Accent (2004) in the UK. I'm having serious problems with the immobiliser. It had intermittedly been coming on and would turn itself off if I waited 20 minutes or so. Then in December it came on and wouldn't go off for two days. Last week it came on and the car hasn't started since which has pretty much left me stranded.

When I turn the car on, the light will always be there but will switch off if I leave it on for 5 minutes or so. The car will turn over/crank endlessly but won't spark to actually start the car. At this point, i'm tearing my hair out because i'm running out of ideas. I have both the original keys and neither work to switch off the immobiliser despite having worked to use the car previously (I share the car so both keys were used regularly) which seems to rule out a problem with the Key Chip. I've also recharged the battery and checked the spark plugs, which seem to have no issues!

I called my hyundai dealer and they sent a mechanic out to run diagnostics on the car, all of which came back perfect. The mechanic said he had seen this problem before and that it was the immobilised antennae which surrounds the key shaft - on his word we bought this part and replaced it which made absolutely no difference - light is still on and taunting me every time I try to start the car!! I called the dealer to ask about the 'limp home' procedure mentioned in the manual as I don't have the Key Code plate with the 4 digits to reset it myself - he didn't appear to have ever heard of this despite it being in the manual!

I really am out of ideas, as I don't know much about immobiliser systems. Does anyone have a similar issue/any ideas? I've booked into the dealer to see if they can fix the issue but the appointment isn't for another few weeks and i'd really like to avoid the annoyance (and expense!) of getting the car towed there only to buy another part that won't fix the problem! Please help.
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