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Hi Everyone,

Just needed some help or advice please, I'm not very technical when it comes to cars but this has got me worried big time and I hope someone can put me at ease.
I have read a few posts on this forum, but not sure if they apply to me regarding if its the injectors or something more major...even read someone was quoted for a new engine!

Anyhow, basically I have a Hyundai I800, Its a 2016 model, 30,000~ miles, i800 SE CRDI Automatic 2497CC

I was driving for about 10-15 mins, went to do some shopping, came back and on the way home about half way through, the car wasn't responding to the accelerator.
Literally it wasn't revving, or anything, my foot was flat down on the accellerator but it just wasn't responding very well, as if it was struggling. After say 5 or 10 seconds, it picks up very slowly, and then once the car is off, its ok.
However, when stopping again at traffic lights, and then try to accelerate, it just doesn't have that response, its really sluggish like 5 mph~ for a few seconds, but then it did suddenly just take off.

There are no engine lights, and from what I remember the temperature gauge was normal.

Does anyone have any advice or info on what this could be? I've only had the car for 2 years, it had its 3 year service with my local garage, and is due it's 4th in July.

Kind Regards,
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