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i40 powered mirror snapped off - motor spinning - help

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So I am pretty sure some drunken scum fell into the side of my car last night and managed to snap the Driver side wing mirror off. (2015 i40 estate SE NAV) It is still attached with the cable. I had left the car parked with the mirrors folded in. So I had to unfold the mirror to get the passenger side out by pushing the button inside.

However the driver side motor is now just continually spinning as if it has not found the outward position to stop. I have tried to fit it back on, but it looks like it may have some damage. I am not sure?

The forums will not let me post links to the images. I have them in an album in this websites Gallery. I also have much higher res images on my google photos. I have also made a short video showing the motor spinning. Not sure how I can link that? Can an admin let me post a link to a video showing the issue?

So I have two problems. Obviously the mirror is broken off. However my other main issue right now is that the motor just spins endlessly even when the key is removed. So my first thought was to find the fuse to isolate it. I tried several that were labelled as Powered Mirror within its description, but none of them worked. The only one that worked was a Memory one. At first I thought, great got it isolated. However this fuse prevents me from locking the doors with my key fob! So I cannot lock the car. Argh! Anyone any help on this please?

Secondly, How would I go about trying to fix this back on? I have tried to pop it back on but it does not appear to be working. I feel I may need to replace the metallic bit that is attached to the car? Not sure how to go about that as the umbillical cord running to the mirror goes through that.

Is this something a Hyundai dealer/repair place can fix or could any mechanic/bodywork place do this easily?

Thanks !
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Usually you need to replace the whole mirror assembly. Find an used one from junkyard
To isolate the mirror, just unplug it.

If you remove the little quadrant cover trim on the inside of the door you should find a connector and the 3 nuts that hold the mirror assembly onto the door. Unplugging the connector will stop the motor from running.

As camper says, your probably needing a complete new mirror assembly. Any garage should be able to replace the mirror, but it's a simple job to do DIY. Just undo those three 10mm nuts and withdraw the mirror from the door. Refit in reverse order. The replacement might need painted though.

Perfect thanks! Got it now unplugged and I can lock my car!

Gonna go looking for a replacement mirror in the morning. What sort of price should I be expecting for 2nd hand from scrapyard and how about new?

Just had a quick look on ebay and the couple of used i40 folding mirrors I found weren't cheap at £200+.
Surely there has to be a way of fixing it without buying the whole mirror, considering the whole casing and mirror is fine. Its just a little part inside. Best bring it to Hyundai and ask them for parts?
It's highly unlikely Hyundai will sell individual parts for the inside of the mirror. It's not a repairable assembly as far as they are concerned. They probably figure the cost of the labour involved in disassembling the mirror to fix it would cost as much as the new assembly. Considering what a Hyundai dealer charges for an hours labour, they're probably right.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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