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As the title says, my i30N Fastback stopped activating the overboost.

I don't know when it stopped because I wasn't paying attention to it, but my car used to show that green turbo icon next to turbo pressure and now it's not.

Also I'm not sure if I feel any difference in performance compared to when I bought the car, because I wasn't used to it.

I went to the dealership today and the engineer didn't find any erros, so next week they will update the engine to see if it fixes it and give Hyundai a call to report the problem.

To finish, there are two possibilities.. the icon is not showing up, but I'm having the correct torque... or the icon is not showing up because there is really a problem.

What you think about this? How can we find out if the car is really activating the overboost or not?
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