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Hi Folks,

Created an account because every time I google whats wrong with my car, I find results that aren't relevant.

A few months back, I left my car to have the steering rack replaced after an MOT failure due to excessive movement of the front wheels.

I left it in to the mechanic, since I got it back, the front tyres are mangled (for lack of a better word.)

When I lock the steering to the passenger side, the steering wheel goes 2 and a half turns and the tyre turns nearly 90 degrees, only for the steering wheel having no more turn in it. On the driver side, the steering wheel turns twice, and the tyre doesn't even turn out 45 degrees. Last week, the coil spring on my driver side broke and has had to be replaced.

Anyone got any idea why this would have happened? I brought it back to the mechanic and he can't diagnose the problem and he said when he fitted the steering rack, everything was centred and fitted in perfectly.

I can provide pics if needs be.

Any help is massively welcome!!


I drive a 2009 i30 btw
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