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Hi guys,

First of all I apologize if this was posted or discussed somewhere else.

I have an i30 GD from 2013 and I'm dealing with SEVERE visibility problems when I'm using my low-beam lights (when the road is wet it feels like the low-beams are turned off). I already tried different types of H7 bulbs, so it's not caused by bulbs for sure.

Therefore, my car's low-beams are equipped with H7 halogen with lenses. By the way, the high-beam works fine, nothing to complain about.

I've been searching on several forums and I noticed several users complaining about the efficiency of the H7 with lenses. What should I do to improve my lights?

Should I order new lenses? If yes, please recommend me a supplier for this. I found smth on Aliexpress but I'm not sure they fit. I don't even know if I can replace and adjust them myself.
Should I take the current ones out and clean them ?

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