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Hello everyone!
I seem to be having a weird issue with the headlight washers on a 2014 i30 Premium with Xenons. They seemed to be working fine until a few weeks ago and now they just won't engage at all. The windscreen washers work fine and I have no errors in the dash. I seem to remember that others who had this issue simply used them in the dark with the Auto headlight function on but that didn't do it for me. I had a look at the fuse box and pulled out some fuses that I thought might be related to it but they all look fine. I also can't see any dedicated fuse for the headlight washers but maybe you guys can point me to one as I have attached an image of the schematic. I know they're not supposed to engage every single time I use the windscreen wipers, but I must have used them 20 times in a row and they still didn't work. I fear it might be the pump that's the issue, but I wasn't able to find a suitable replacement for this model, and I don't even know if it uses a separate pump.
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