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Hi all.

I have an i30 - 1.6 CRDi Active 5dr Auto.

For the last month, I have had a rattling sound coming from the engine when it isn't accelerating. My car basically sounds like a tractor.

I first took it to QuikFit who change the tensioner and fan belt (with hyundai official parts) which didn't fix it.

Then I took it to a Hyundai dealer in Birmingham. They changed changed one of the pulleys. I drove off and exactly the same. I took it back to them and they have changed something else and called me today to say they can't find out what the problem is and for me to come and pick it up until a Hyundai technical gets in touch with them.

My car is still under warranty.

My question is:

If they can't find the problem, what would be my next step? What rights do I have with it being under warranty?
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