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I had this fault with my Kia Cee'd auto diesel from when I bought it in August 2010. Same fixes with injector timing but never worked. The suspicion was with the EGR valve sticking, a common problem with diesel automatics. I used a spray EGR cleaner and the fault goes. I also avoid cheaper diesel fuels. Cleaned it again last week before the cars second service on Monday.
If you leave the air conditioning on, the fault also goes. It is all to do with the waste gases being passed back into the engine at revs. below 2000rpm via the "open" EGR valve. The air conditioning shuts the valve but uses more power and fuel, so not too good a solution. If like me, you do more lower rev. driving around town, the problem is always going to be there. If you use poor grade grade fuel with no cleaning additives, the carbon or soot build ups in the EGR valve build up. The car is more responsive on higher centene fuel but it costs more. Since diesel fuel prices in the UK are very high, diesel automatics, like mine become too expensive to run.
This problem unfortunately does not affect every diesel automatic. We all drive in different ways and use different grade fuels. I think basically KIA and HYUNDAI cannot find a fix which "irons" out the problem with this engine,[only effecting late 2009 build] for all driving conditions.
This is my own personal experience, I could be totally wrong and it does not affect all diesel autos.
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