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Hyundai i30 2009 1.4 Petrol
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I've been diagnosing a battery drain and I've hit a wall with my knowledge...

I've put a brand new battery into my car and it was dead within a week with little driving, I've tested the alternator and that should be fine (Charging 14.6v).

I set my multi-meter for amps and I was getting a 0.4 drain, I've systemically pulled fuses and noticed that after pulling the Room LP fuse, the draw drops to 0.001. What I noticed recently is that one of the dash lights seems to be permanently on as below, but the fuse being pulled turns it off.


I noticed as well that when I use the key to unlock the car, this image appears with the rear-left passenger side saying the door is open;


I've removed all the lamps in the interior that I can find (Boot, dome, map, compartment and above the visors) and it doesn't seem to be any of them, at this point I'm a little stumped as to what be causing the issue. I've read that it could be a dodgy wire / ground from this point somewhere else causing the issue, or a problem with the BCM, I was debating taking it into my local garage, but was advised it could be quite costly to repair.

Annoyingly, pre-covid, this likely wasn't an issue as I was driving my car nearly every day and it was getting a good run, but it will sit in my space for up-to a couple of weeks some times as I don't need to drive right now.

Has anyone got any thoughts on what I may be able to do to troubleshoot this further?
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