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2012 i20 (UK) Disc Rear Brakes with Handbrake Shoes inside Disc.

I could find very little on this online, most videos were little help, hopefully this will help others.

Notes numbered same as images.
Fitting Pads simply requires removing two 14mm set screws.
Piston simply pushes back with thumb, some might need a G Cramp
Check that slide pins do actually slide (this is where set screws in 1 go into)
On my car 1 on each side were siezed, I had to use wd40, turn with 16mm (maybe17mm) socket then gently hammer it out with a large screwdriver, clean up with emery cloth, grease and replace. I did not notice first side siezed and ended up with binding pads and wasted time adjsuting hanbrake adjuster (see 3 & 4).
3. Even if no issue it is worth removing discs / rotor to clean out handbrake shoes.
Remove frame for brake calipper (14mm bolts) - see 2
As discs are probablty slightly rusted were shoes do not touch it might be difficult to get disc / rotors off.
Image shows exact position of rubber bung for LH disc / rotor to get at brake shoe adjsuter (see image 4 after disc / rotor removed)
Turn teeth on adjuster to retract shoes to make it easier to remove disc. I wil leave you to figure out which way to turn it - I got it worng on both sides, then had to turn opposite direction.
Shows shoes and adjuster after disc / rotor removed.
Removing slack form handbrake cables.
Remove rubber bottom from rear of center console, 10mm bolt quite far down. Use a long extension and bluetac so you do not loose the bolt (same for putting back in)
Console held up with a plastic container.
Adjust cable with 12mm spanner.


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