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in my I20 i have the following problem

if i put a CD and play it all works fine, how ever if in the middle of the way i decied to switch to radio and/or turn off the cd player (by pressing the power button)

when i switch back to CD, and/or turn on the radio again. the CD WILL NOT continue to play from the spot it stoped it just stuck there and will not play

if i use the SEEK button to skip 1 song ahead or 1 song back it will start playing again

when i turn on the ignitaion this problem DOES NOT HAPPEN

wired right??

i was looking for a solution on the forums and couldn't find one, how ever i did come across a way to change the region to europe in order to switch RDS on, coz i really wanted it to work, i did it, and from 1 experiment it looks like the problem is solved now

how ever i would like to know if some one encountered this problem before

Thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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