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I just brought a i20 Premium SE 2015.
Trying to plug my Samsung phone to charge via USB, have the bluetooth on so I can listen to spotify and make hands free calls (using the wheel buttons).
But my music stops playing after a few seconds of playing.
Any suggestions on how I can get this to work?
Bluetooth connection isn't lost when the music stops, the spotify app just pauses the song.
I have reset my phone. Deleted and downloaded Spotify. Cleared cache. Unpaired and re-paired my phone to thr car.
I could be asking too much of it at once, but my 2010 Fiesta could do this fine so I was rather hoping this wouldn't be a difficult ask for a 2015 car.

I've tried looking on forums but cannot see a related thread so I hope this is ok to post.

Many thanks :)
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