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Hi, thanks for any help you may give. I'm really not a mechanically minded person, but I'm willing to give it a go.

I have a secondhand "2014 Hyundai I20 Active Pb My14 5d Hatchback 6sp manual, 4 cylinder, 1.4l" with a recently damaged right tail light I need to replace. This seems like something I should be able to do, so I've been looking at parts online. Finding the right tail light for a 2014 model has been challenging, however, there are lots for other years.

Is there a parts compatibility with other year models of I20, so that 2012 or 2015 parts will fit, or do I need to stick to 2014 parts?

I'd kind of like to fix it myself, since I was the one clumsy enough to damage the light.

Thanks again for your advice.
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