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2021 i10 premium 1.0
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The (new) car did not come with a spare wheel it came with a small compressor and some goo.
I wasn't aware of this, if i was aware i would have ordered a spare wheel at point of ordering the car.
Don't know why the dealer doesn't mention this at point of order as its an opportunity for them to make more money ?

Anyway having found this out i contacted the Hyundai dealer (many times) about buying a spare space saver wheel and they were unresponsive to say the least.
That being the case i did a lot of searching for something i was sure would fit the hub and the wheel well.

There were many on "the bay" but no guarantee of fit so didn't want to take the chance of having to return something that might not fit. I also needed a jack and wheel brace etc so the idea of getting a complete kit appealed.

the i10 premium comes with 195 45 R16 tyres so ideally i wanted a 125 80 R15 space saver spare as this has the same running diameter as the existing wheels/tyres and i figured, it should just about fit in the wheel well.

So after much searching i ended up getting a road hero RH008 which ticked all the boxes and came with extra safety and fitting kit.

Below are a couple of pics which show;
1) Checking it fits ok on the hub
2) Fit in the wheel well.

Anyway, hope this may help someone else in a similar situation.

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