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I have purchased my i10 vehicle april 2008 its km reading is 6000. A unique problem has come up that the power steering of the vehicle is jammed and EPS light is ON. I have tried to search on the net for the same problem. I found that there is same problem i.e manufacturing defect with the i10 car's power steering. My warrent has just expired and my car is not in a position to move any further and parked at my house. On the internet I came to know that the company has identified the car models with the faulty power steering and has some VIN nos for the same.
My question?

1) How to find the VIN no of the car and where to look for the same?

2) Can any body share the VIN list or some method to get the problem solved by the company itself?

3) Is there any company's direct email id's or contact concerned person's contact no.

Thanks in advance.
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