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Couple of questions for the technological savvy, I'll like to upgrade my speakers and add a subwoofer (the last one with on 1/2 channel amp). By any chance anybody on the forum have an idea on the audio wiring? or even better a diagram and probably a basic idea how to do this ? I also saw on a kit that moves the stereo and a/c controls to a lower level and you can add a 7 inch screen in the top to make it look almost as good that the original navigation system, the only reason that I ask this is because all the controls for the stereo are in the steering wheel and the bluetooth audio, out of this world !!! So I really wanna keep the stereo and add a nice navi on the car, I'll probably dont even run any oudio from the navi, because i don't need the audio or the bluetooth that usually come in this units. Ideas accepted. thanks family...

By the way this is the kit I'm talking about,link.
That kit looks great! If you or anyone else ends up getting this, could you please share your thoughts (and pictures!) about how it is?

By the way, what navi system were you thinking about getting for the screen?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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