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While there is no denying the good reviews the Avalon gets on ride, handling and reliability, there are a few things that keep it low on my list.

1. The additional 3" in length compared to my Azera would make it a bit tight of a fit in my garage where I have cabinetry in front of my parking area.

2. The front grille is just plain ugly. I threw up in my mouth the first time I saw the Avalon grille in pictures. Seeing it in person was even more disgusting. I know styling is subjective, but... really? Who signs off on these things? The remainder of the exterior is okay.

3. My subjective dislike for the Avalon styling extends to the interior. The instrument panel looks like it was designed by a committee that didn't talk with each other. Way too busy with many competing shapes and surfaces. That big sweeping center stack that extends up above the dash looks so out of place.

4. The lack of Android Auto would become an issue should I want to use my Android smartphone. No, I don't see me going to an i-Phone.

But, despite the above comments, I did decide to sit in a 2019 Avalon at the Auto Show last year. Being short, I adjusted the seat up to where I like it and heard a strange rubbing sound as I moved the seat forward. I looked all around to find what was rubbing and found THE HEADREAST RUBBING TIGHTLY AGAINST THE HEADLINER. The headrest was at it's lowest setting, but it still was rubbing against the headliner (in my Azera, with the same settings there are 5 inches above the headrest). Just another example of Toyota design by committee.

So... for me I am hoping that my Azera will live long and prosper. Perhaps in another five years the next generation of cars will bring something more pleasing for me to choose from.
I have owned two Avalon's in the past. A 1998 model that was absolutely fantastic and a 2005 model that was terrible. The 2005 had several things wrong with it and I could not get Toyota to cover the repairs until the warranty ran out. Funny thing; as soon as the warranty expired, the dealership found out that the problem that I had been complaining about actually existed and they stated that they would repair it. However, since the vehicle was out of warranty, I would have to pay a $250.00 deductible. I complained to the dealership and they told me to call corporate, which I did. They would not budge on the $250.00 and I told them that if I had to pay the $250.00, I would never buy another Toyota. The lady in Customer Service 😕 told me that it was my choice. I told her that she just made the choice for me. Several months later, I traded in the Avalon for my first Hyundai. I sent Toyota an email telling them that I was staying true to my word and and I had gotten rid of the Avalon. They sent me an email thanking me for my kind comments.😀 Funny! Anyway, fast forward. The Sonata developed a problem and was taken in to the dealership. The car was out of warranty by over 10,000 miles. However, since Hyundai had an issue with this specific issue several years before, they went ahead and covered the entire repair which was over $1000.00. Toyota would have never done this. Now, on to the new Avalon's. My cousin owns a 2019 model. The car is ugly from the front to the rear-end. The car is hard to get in and out of; no matter the seat location. The only good thing that I can say about the Avalon is that the navigation system appears to be pretty good. It has one feature that I really like and that is when you cross state lines, it will tell you that you have entered another state and will actually show a photo of some place of interest in the state. On interstate highway and other state routes where signs are posted upon entering another state, it is not very useful. However, on local and other back roads that may not be posted with state line signs, it is a very useful feature.
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