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Hi! Just bought a 2017 Azera limited. I have an 06 SE. I love that car, spent alot of money get it sorted, and someone hit and run me, aesthetically ruining the car for me. Waah. So when I saw a CPO limited at the local dealership, I got excited. 26,300 miles, 19.9k bucks. I also purchased the extended basic warranty to extend full coverage out to 10/100k.

I am loving the car, it's not perfect, but I enjoy it. The quirks will just take some getting used to. But I like the look, like a sonata but bigger? Add the fact that I never see them, which is a big reason I bought my first Azera. It's a good looking car. Stiffer than the old, feels like less 1st gear torque than the older 3.8, no text display without having to plug the phone in every time(!), a rattly window shade when I turn up some bass, and bluelink service has been down since I signed up for it(a week). But the seats are comfy, all the tech is new to me and great, it seems well designed and the accent lights are very cool. It looks great in there at night. I have some questions as I learn my car, I drive it often weekdays. Anyways, just wanted to put that out there, say "Hello", and I look forward to posting more.

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