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Gots me a New York state Sonata for a frame recall...

Frame bolts half stuck into chassis, gots to work them back and forth, chase threads so it go back togehter smoothly.. everything rusted, worse than cars in my home region.

Have to remove exhaust, the nuts are literally rotted off, theres a bunch of extra time to get them off without breaking what left of the studs in the bottom of manifolds..

A New York dealer been goofing with this car.. brake hoses held up with zip-strips to the front knuckles, they had exhaust off at some point, shoved a 1.50 thread into a 1.25 pitch hole... retards... went to take ball joints loose from knuckles, left side has factory hardware, right side needed different socket, had hardware store bolts in it, went to install new factory bolts, would not screw in, noticed then that they must have goofed the holes, and put in thread inserts with different thread, so back in goes the hardware store bolts..

Pics to come later. stay tuned.

EDIT --> Enjoy the pics !!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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