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Ok I have a 2013 Elantra 4 door GLS, love it, it's great. I always drive with my lights on because people drive very aggro in my city so I use the dimmer switch to the left of the steering wheel alot, the one I took a pic of, to turn down the brightness of the dash/interior lights when I drive at night, so that I am not literally staring at the sun when I drive home from work at 11pm. Well now the lights are locked to full brightness and it's like a flood light being parked in my eye socket every time I drive at night.

The weird thing is, the button still works just fine. When I press it, it makes the sound it's supposed and the little bar of how bright it is pops up and shows that it's full brightness, but pressing it to go down just makes the sound but doesn't actually lower the brightness like it's supposed to and has literally the hundreds of times I've used it before. That is the second picture, the bunch of 000000s. So basically the HUD and radio lights and everything are 100% fulll blast like the headlights aren't turned on while night driving, and even though the switch is still functioning and making noise and interacting with the rest of the car lol, it doesn't actually do anything. Has anybody else had this happen?? I don't abuse the car at all either. It's barely at 60k miles now, never spilt and water or anything on the dash or whatever. And it was dimming just fine less than 24hrs ago.
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