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How strict is Hyundai's warranty when it comes to tuning your car. Some things I either know or highly doubt they'd care. Like if I installed a regular K&N air filter.

However, what is the consenus opinion of where they will balk on your warranty if you do to much?

Tuning ideas I had were muffler, cat back,
Driveability concerns/MIL due to changes will not be warrantable... Tech is not going to want to touch it, and have you keep coming back complaining they cannot make it run with your altered design from as it came off truck from Hyundai design.

coil overs with very modest lowering, sway bars...
Here agin, altered from factory design, so no go on the align (12/12 anyway), noise over bumps, harsh ride....

You could request to meet with DPSM when they come by and take it up with them, read your owner warranty guide book too.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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