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Contrary to several reports, Hyundai has confirmed that the Veloster compact sports coupe/hatchback will not debut at the LA Auto Show later this year. Speaking about the rumor, Hyundai rep Dan Bedore commented that, "there is no truth to this."

And while the Veloster will not debut in LA, Bedore did confirm that "We will have a very important North American product debut at the LA Auto Show."

As for what that product is, we're expecting debuts for both the new Elantra and the 2011 Accent in the near future. Although rumors have also suggested Hyundai may show a concept car that will set the company on the path towards it's 50-mpg CAFE goal. This could be a version of the Blue-Will Concept that would rival the Toyota Prius.

The Veloster may beat all these products to market, wit rumors suggesting the 40-mpg highway model will first appear at the Paris Auto Show in a month's time.

More: Hyundai Veloster NOT Set to Debut at LA Auto Show; But Another "Very Important" Model Is on
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