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Hi all!

I am new here to this forum, let me introduce myself :)
My name is Nick and I live in the Netherlands.

Recently I bought my 3rd Hyundai Scoupe Turbo for only 425 euros. The car was in a bad shape:

- There was a lot of rust at the wheel arches
- Exhaust manifold cracked
- Interior messed up
- Driveshafts / CV joints were dead

... and much more small things.
But that didn't matter. Because our (me and two mates) plan was to convert this tired scoupe into a track-worthy car!

First things first, the car needed a new MOT, so the first thing to do was to fix all the things listed above.

The scoupe:

The wheel-arches are pretty bad:

Looks much better now :)

Temporary painted (the car will eventually get a full body respray)

The interior, looks clean but the leather had it's best time

Another shot just after painting the rear panel

EDIT: Seems like I cannot post any pictures since I am only registered a few minutes ago :(
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