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Getting hesitation on the 2006 hyundai santa fe 92,000 miles 2.7 L.
Hesitation meaning sometimes no power when I hit the accelator or times- then engine catches up . More recently at a stand still took foot off brake (car in drive) and no movement forward- like a slip. Had to force car to catch- or engage ( not a transmission slip- again car at stand still)

Addtional noises : there seems to be a whining noise only when AC is on (or louder). The whining noise isnt present when AC off. AC works great- ice cold. Whining noise coming from Accessory belt side only.

What has been replaced last 30 days-90 days- year.

1. Belt
2. Radiator- due to cracked leaking on top- #2 radiator
3. auto belt Tensioner

4. Power steering pump was replaced in 2017- hyundai replacement part. fixed leak issue- easier than rebuilding with seals. No whining when steering- whining is at idle also.

5. Transmission oil, level fine. Color condition great.

6. spark plugs OEM replaced 2017 with spark plug wires.
7. AC coil was replaced 2017 due to wire harness connector corroded. This was a used part from salvage.

Is the water pump going?
There is no belt "squeaking" just a whine noise best described.
In my exp. water pumps create more of a squealing than whining noise when there going to go.

Next thing going to check is pulley alignment

* Idler pulley looked a little off.

Look forward to suggestions

here is link of noise- video:
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