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Hi all, I wanted to followup on this thread from 5 months ago (Slight leak in High Pressure A/C hose = condenser replacement, too?)

Anyway... it turns out it's just the hose, as we all suspected. It's been so cool here where we live, we haven't needed to worry about the A/C hose as we hadn't used the A/C for months. Now it's warmer and we need it fixed. Last week, our mechanic put refrigerant in, also some dye, so they could check to find the leak. Turns out it's the high side A/C hose. He's having a problem finding one for our model. He's sure he will, even if he has to go to Hyundai. So far we've got a cost of $65 for refrigerant, $20 to charge it, the cost of the hose and the cost of labor. Does anyone know what the high side A/C hose cost for the Hyundai Santa Fe 6-cyl sport? And how long it takes for this kind of repair? The unknown that worries me is the cost of the hose. I've seen it both expensive and inexpensive. My concern about the dealer is they usually charge much more.

These are tough times for many and I'm hoping it won't be too much $$. Any input would be welcome.

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