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Hi All,

Just thought i would share this info!
I am looking into upgrading the stereo system in my 3.3L V6 Santa Fe ( 2007 ).
So i thought i would see what Hyundai Canada thought about it.
I asked if it would be possible to install a different version of the Hyundai radio so that i could have XM radio and still
keep everything looking OEM.
Said it would be done by the dealer so that it was done by trained professionals.
Waited two days for a response and this is what i got:

Good Day Mr. xxxx,

Thank you for taking time to write to our office. We regret to inform you that Hyundai Auto Canada does not recommend any modification to the vehicle. Thank you.


Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

So i take it that even modifying our vehicles with OEM Hyundai parts is not acceptable!
Oh well... Mainland China deck with bluetooth, GPS and dvd here we come!!!

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Pretty much word for word what's in the owner's manual. I know mine states that I should 'not modify my Hyundai in any way'. That hasn't stopped me from doing it, though. Basically it's just an insurance policy to protect the manufacturer in case somebody does a sloppy or dangerous modification and crashes. If he tries to sue or press charges, the manufacturer can go back and say, "It says here not to do that" and they're off the hook. Sad but that's the world we live in today.
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