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I'm one of the many folks whose searching for PSF-3 power steering fluid. Of course the dealer wants to sell me the "new" PSF-4 for $11 per 12 ounce bottle. Good gravy .. that's liquid gold!!
One of the things I hate is to say, "Oh no .. you have to use the X fluid made by your car's manufacturer."

So I did more research about PSF-3. Of course there's PSF-4, the next generation of power steering after PSF-3.

Of course .. here's the Hyundai Part Number of PSF-4
Hyundai Part 00232-06010

So follow me .......

Here's the MSDS data sheets for the fluids that Hyundai uses

Search for the part number of the PSF-4 = Hyundai Part 00232-06010

You'll find it .. and here's the MSDS on the PSF-4 fluid. Check out who makes PSF-4. VALVOLINE! :) AH HA!!

What do you think?

Can the "off the shelf" valvoline PSF fluid work?
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