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The Hyundai OCS Settlement was finalized in June..but so far I have not heard from Hyundai on how to participate in either the refund or vehicle exchange program for those like myself who are unsatisfied after the recalibration. And when you call the Hyundai OCS number..they know nothing. Has anyone had any progress on this?

Here is the official statement on the Hyundai OCS Website: ocssettlement

"If you remain unsatisfied, and HMA believes that you (1) made a timely complaint to the Customer Connect Center; and (2) have produced a person who is at least 16 years old, weighs at least 108 pounds, has previously been a passenger in your vehicle, and is incorrectly classified by the OCS after at least one in three “key on” cycles (the “Refund/Exchange Conditions”), then HMA will offer to refund the purchase price of your vehicle. HMA may also offer to exchange, and at your option will exchange, your vehicle for another Hyundai vehicle. "

Please post if you've been able to get the refund or vehicle exchange process started and how you went about it. Hyundai is really dragging their feet on this. Thanks.
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