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Hi all, I have fairly recently noticed horrendous smells coming from the car. Most of the time, the smell goes away, but the strange thing is, the smell varies. However, for the majority of the time, it smells like something is burning, others are very obvious smell of diesel and some of the smells are just un-identifiable.

Trying to actually find anything for potential causes for ANY problems with this car have proven a nightmare. If I had the money, it'd have been replaced long ago. However, I'm stuck with it and if anyone else has had horrendous smells coming from their Hyundai ix20 (diesel), please let me know what the problem was, so I can at least look at it and/or let the clueless mechanics know. The car is a 66 plate, but I've had it just over a year. It was also serviced and MOT'd early November 2019, with no faults found at the time.

Thanks for any help.
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