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Hi guys.

Thought I best start a new thread.

Chasing help/information regarding central locking/power door faults.

Last year I purchased a second hand 2010 iload H1 turbo diesel.
It's had intermittent issues with the central locking system since then. Sometimes (rarely) locking and other times not, when using the remote. Strangely however it affects both passenger side front and passenger side sliding doors.. seperately and randomly at different times to each other. Either locking/not locking, both sometimes/sometimes not. This has become so painful and frustrating as I find I have to do "the rounds" when parking and locking the car to make sure every door is actually locked.

I've currently got all trim and interior removed for insulating/camper build.

I figured I'd deal with this problem now also.

I wasn't sure what I was dealing with so I started with a complete blow-out with an air-compressor and was planning to just clean/lubricate my way to success.
..this is not looking to be how the story ends.

I've attached an image of my current world. I suspect I'm dealing with either a power related issue (an earth?) Or a faulty - white thingy (actuator-is that the actuator?) Which appears to be a sealed unit so I cant examine that any further. It really appears as though its just not recieving enough power to drive the switch or its being restricted somehow.

Initially I thought it'd be gunk or a worn component that was causing friction or stopping the free movement of a mechanism that would need attention.

I now have no idea.
Obviously Im trying everything I can to avoid taking it to a Hyundai dealer. Id prefer to hang on to that thousand dollars.

Has anyone themselves had similair problems? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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